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One of the amazing women I met recently is Ariane Cyusa. I encourage anyone/everyone to work with her. Her talents are a blessing; she is a blessing.

I feel so refreshed, confident, and loved!! Her new workshop, "I AM DESIRABLE: Falling In Love With Yourself," is soooooo good!



Ariane Cyusa has an absolute gift for writing poetry. I commissioned her to write me a piece to remember an experience and to keep my eye on how far I’ve come with some personal struggles and what I envision for myself for the future. After we met, she had the poem for me the next day; it couldn’t possibly have been more perfect and I was already weeping after the fourth or fifth line. When I say she has a gift, that’s an understatement.


Her prices are more than reasonable, and I’d go so far as to say her product is worth much more, but this way she can reach many more people.


I received a channeled poem through Ariane Saturday at Irvington Vinyl and Books, and no exaggerating, the experience moved me to tears. What an exciting, unique kind of divination!


Ariane Cyusa is so wonderful. I’m consistently blown away by her energy and confidence (and subsequently reminded of my own just by being in her presence).