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Writing poetry and capturing the most vibrant essences of emotions and delivering them back in a way that invites the audience in has become an absolutely vital part of my life! I have a strong passion to share this with people, and to help them further along on their OWN journeys towards heightened mental health through creative expression! I offer a variety of services, hopefully something catches your eye and we can work together!


Notebook and Pen


Hire me to work with you personally, either in person or on the phone. I can help you write or write for you, though I am a firm believer that inspirational words are just so much more powerful when they come from you!​

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It brings me true joy to perform my poetry! Talk to me about themes, a direction, or commission me to write original work for your event/celebration.



I have created several workshops designed to blend poetry with different topics such as self-love, transformational magic, and working with pain instead of against it. I am able to present them in formal as well as informal settings! During the first half I focus on sharing my personal story and the steps I have taken so far; I perform some poems and explain how writing them affected my mindset for the better. I then break down my technique in easy to follow steps, lead the participants into a guided meditation that serves to empower and encourage them, and then I get out of the way and let them write. I provide a couple of writing prompts to get them started and usually by this time they are sufficiently inspired and get right down to writing!

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From emcee services, keeping energy high, to guided mediation for groups, to live poetry writing on the spot with a typewriter, I can add something special to social or corporate events in the Indy area.



Need help finishing a resume or cover letter? Want someone to look over your wedding vows? Does your teen need help with a school presentation or speech? I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable source of feedback on your work. As an experienced editor, I can identify problem areas and work with you in positive, constructive ways to achieve your goals.

I am all about living in art expression, and hopefully you see something that appeals to you! Check out my events page so you can see where I'll be this month! Read some testimonials from clients, and check out the blog so you can learn more about me.

This woman has mad talent. She coached me as I wrote a poem for someone I love dearly; we embarked on a collaborative piece together. I truly wasn't expecting that she would be not just a poet and coach, but a muse, a channel of sorts. The poem we created nailed exactly my sentiments.